Nations Favourite Fans Game - Herne Bay, Harry & Hayley

Nations Favourite Fans Celebration Day - EGTFC vs Herne Bay - Saturday 9th March 2019


On Saturday 9th March 2019, we had the pleasure of welcoming Richmond Foods, Harry Redknapp and Hayley McQueen to East Court.

How did this happen? - Its all down to the efforts of Michael Phillips.  He can explain in his own words from the match day programme.

Hello everyone and welcome to what I hope will be a fantastic day for this club. Isnt it incredible how a facebook comment can lead to a day like this! My first real memory of East Grinstead Town was against Crystal Palace in a friendly to celebrate the newly installed floodlights. Nigel Martyn and Geoff Thomas played. I knew I had a problem then as I was the only kid getting the Grinstead boys to sign my programme after the game. When I was tiny my Nan and Granddad were club members and played the old fruit machine we used to have. Its always been a lovely community club since I can remember. I spent many a day watching the County League on my own and always meeting someone to talk to. This was and is a safe and friendly environment for a kid to be and I was lucky to be able to come here. Ever since the day we got promoted to the non league ladder it has been an amazing ride. I now have some true friends in the crowd, and I love spending my weekends going home and away. When I saw this brilliant competition online I never thought we could win. What I wrote came very easy though. This club is part of who I am. I love it. I hope that those who work so hard at the club (too many to mention!!) enjoy today and know how much their hard work is appreciate. Thanks to Matt who is not only a brilliant football manager but a grest guy. He is open, welcoming and values all at the club. He has built a bright team of not only good players, but really great guys too and they all deserve our support. We are so lucky to have Matt and he is bringing us the best times we have ever had on the pitch on a shoestring. Many thanks to Richmond Foods for this opportunity, and I hope everybody leaves today with a great impression of our club, and I hope for one young person somewhere here today, they might catch the lifetime bug too! For anyone who is at their first game, welcome and youre always welcome back! Non League football is magical and your support is greatly appreciated! Just one more thing from me, a massive thank you to Richard Tramontin for the tireless work he does for this club. This truly is a labour of love and he truly deserves every success. Welcome along Herne Bay and I hope you enjoy the game. Clear your vocal chords everybody.....Come on you Wasps!!!

You can read a bit about the day in Matt's notes here 

A match report is available here

With so much going on during this fantastic day we have multiple photo galleries available:

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